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19 habits of highly defective Christians

By Francis Steven Dokka

Just like American author Stephen Covey’s lists out the seven habits of highly effective people in his popular book by that same name, Psalm 106 lists out the defective habits exhibited by the Israelites, the people chosen by God to be His children, during their exodus from Egypt to the promised land. Their exodus is something Christians – when I use the word Christian here I mean those who really want to follow Christ – can learn from as they journey through this earth. So, here is the list of 19 habits shown by highly defective Christians:

1.They don’t understand God’s miracles for them

Psa 106:7 Our ancestors in Egypt did not understand God’s wonderful acts

2.They forget that God loves them

Psa 106:7 …they forgot the many times he showed them his love

3.They rebel against the Almighty

Psa 106:7 …they rebelled against the Almighty at the Red Sea.

4.They quickly forget God’s miracles

Psa 106:12-13 Then his people believed his promises and sang praises to him. But they quickly forgot what he had done…

5.They don’t wait for God’s advice

Psa 106:13 …and acted without waiting for his advice.

6.They are filled with fleshly desires

Psa 106:14 They were filled with craving in the desert

7.They test/tempt God

Psa 106:14 and put God to the test

8.They are jealous of other believers

Psa 106:16 There in the desert they were jealous of Moses and of Aaron, the LORD’s holy servant.

9.They exchange the glory of God for idols

Psa 106:20 they exchanged the glory of God for the image of an animal that eats grass.

10.They don’t believe God’s promise

Psa 106:24 Then they rejected the pleasant land, because they did not believe God’s promise.

11.They grumble

Psa 106:25 They stayed in their tents and grumbled

12.They don’t listen to the Lord

Psa 106:25 …and would not listen to the LORD.

13.They make God angry with their actions

Psa 106:28-29 Then at Peor, God’s people joined in the worship of Baal and ate sacrifices offered to dead gods. They stirred up the LORD’s anger by their actions, and a terrible disease broke out among them.

14. They keep alive what the Lord tells them to kill

Psa 106:34 They did not kill the heathen, as the LORD had commanded them to do

Col 3:5 Don’t be controlled by your body. Kill every desire for the wrong kind of sex. Don’t be immoral or indecent or have evil thoughts. Don’t be greedy, which is the same as worshiping idols.

15.They are willing to compromise regarding marriage

Psa 106:35 …but they intermarried with them and adopted their pagan ways.

2 Cor 6:14 Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?

16.They worship idols

Psa 106:36 God’s people worshiped idols, and this caused their destruction.

Col 3:5 Don’t be greedy, which is the same as worshiping idols.

17.They don’t treat children right

Psa 106:37-38 They offered their own sons and daughters as sacrifices to the idols of Canaan. They killed those innocent children, and the land was defiled by those murders.

18.They are unfaithful to God

Psa 106:39 They made themselves impure by their actions and were unfaithful to God

19.They sink deeper into sin every time God rescues them

Psa 106:43 Many times the LORD rescued his people, but they chose to rebel against him and sank deeper into sin.

If you are a Christian with any of these habits, please cry out to the Lord to forgive you and restore your first love for Him. Seek His grace to overcome your defective habits.

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