About us

The New Beginnings Church of the Nazarene is a small church that God uses to accomplish big things. It is the home of the M.A.S.H. Unit – a ministry that helps distribute nearly a million pounds of food every month through churches across the state of Arizona.

Most Casa Grande citizens know the M.A.S.H. Unit for its Project Manna – a food distribution drive on the second Saturday of every month to help the needy. The church also provides emergency food boxes during the week.

It doesn’t take long for visitors to realize that the New Beginnings Church is different. It is a church that owns a fleet of semi-trucks, runs thrift stores and recycles stuff to do support its ministry efforts. It gives cars to needy single mothers and seniors. It is all set to start an outreach center to the poor and the needy. At the heart of everything the church does is a burning desire to show the love of Jesus to the broken and the poor.

Here’s a video on why the New Beginnings Church is an out-of-the-box church:

Mash Video